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About Us

The Fred Marcus Studio has set the standard for wedding photography and videography for more than a half century. By keeping a small and talented staff we're able to work intimately with the bride and groom in order to create unique wedding albums that cater to individual customer needs. Our emphasis on personalized quality photographs stands in stark contrast to the trendy new "fast food approach" to photography, which denigrates the tradition behind our craft.

Each member of our staff has been personally trained by Fred and now Andy Marcus to work in a low-key, unobtrusive manner. Our method is to capture the fun and excitement of the wedding, without overshadowing or subordinating the bride and groom by calling attention to the photographer.

We insist on floating unseen throughout the event in order to capture the raw and candid essence of each wedding.

We believe that each wedding makes its own unique "statement" and it is the photographer's duty to render photographs that express the brides' unique beauty and personality. Because we make a special effort to spend time with our clients prior to the wedding day, we can get a feel for the particular wishes and needs of specific couples. Since no two weddings are ever alike, we encourage our photographers to be creative in their approach.

By meticulously plotting out the sequence of events beforehand, we're confident that no aspect of the magical day will go unnoticed.

Photographs are the only tangible mementos of a momentous occasion, so it's important not only to plan ahead,but also to take great care after the images have been captured. Unlike most photographers who cut costs by using machine-made or automated prints, all of our pictures are hand-printed in our own color lab. By overseeing the entire finishing process we ensure consistent and superior quality skin-tones as well as the ability to crop photographs to our clients' specifications.

We take great pride no only in the high professionalism of our craft, but also in the personalized care we provide our customers.

2nd Studio: 185 Roslyn Rd. Roslyn, NY 11576 ~ (516) 621-3260