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About Us

On your wedding day the world revolves around you. A day of perfection expressing your individual beauty. Naturally, you want to remember your experience with an equally exquisite wedding video.

Frédéric personally designs your wedding video using the same principles as a Parisian couturier. Rather than an "off-the-rack" video package, he creates a sophisticated one-of-a-kind documentary tailored to your individual style. His professional experience in television and performing arts means that each frame of your video is flawlessly composed. There are no flashy effects or fillers. Editing is done with finesse, resulting in a perfect blend of balance and harmony.

Your wedding is your unique work of art. Only an artist can capture its beauty.

"We just watched the DVD and it is absolutely beautiful; it is incredible. You are a genius, and I knew you were, and we love it. It is fabulous. I cannot tell you enough words for what you have done, it's just absolutely glorious. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It's absolutely miraculous…I just don't know what to say...it's very well done -- we both had lots of tears and smiles and laughter. You are fabulous. We are thrilled beyond…just beyond. We just cannot thank you enough for something so beautiful." Paige and Tom