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About Us

"Marriage is a very significant moment of human celebration and personal commitment. It is an act of trust and a promise."

Officiant Profile
I have had the honor and pleasure of officiating ceremonies since 1982. My talent is helping couples create ceremonies that are meaningful to them. As a non-denominational officiant, I do not include anything of a particular religious nature unless requested by the bride and groom.

I bring the couple and the company together by establishing and maintaining focus on the power of intention in the words selected for the ceremony.

Services Provided
I offer initial no cost consultations. Couples are invited to choose from prepared ceremonies, or have a personalized ceremony created.I offer commitment,reaffirmation, and last minute ceremonies. I am  available to conduct rehearsals. Ceremonies are performed at the couple's location of choice.

Related Experience
In addition to my service as an officiant, I am an educator and a practicing professional storyteller, beginning this work in 1979. I have performed at festivals and schools in both the U.S. and Britain. 

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