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Blessings and congratulations to you on your engagement! Now that you have found your perfect someone, let us create the perfect ceremony. Our ministry serves couples that wish to be married by an ordained minister, but who are not currently connected to an established church, or who desire a unique ceremony focused solely on your love and commitment to one another.

To be entrusted with performing your wedding ceremony is a role we take very seriously. It is both an exhilarating and humbling honor. We are sure you have dreamed that your wedding day would be the best day of your lives. But it is our philosophy that your wedding day is only the beginning of the best days of your lives.

Your personalized ceremony should be performed by an experienced, warm, enthusiastic minister who will highlight your romantic history, delight your guests, and make your heart leap. Our goal is to turn your vision into romantic reality. We can’t wait to be the first to introduce you as husband and wife to your family and friends!

What type of ceremonies do you specialize in?
We feel it is important to have a personalized, written-from-scratch ceremony, whether you are having 10 guests or 200. We do not offer a “variety” of sample ceremonies for you to choose from; we prefer to create a completely original ceremony that talks about your own love story, your hopes and dreams for your future, etc.
Are you open to having the couple decide their music, readings, and overall structure of the ceremony?  YES! The more you personalize your ceremony by including meaningful songs, readings, symbolic rituals or other romantic gestures, the more you make your ceremony all your own!

Do the bride and groom need to go through a pre-marriage counseling process/interview with you?
While we do not require premarital counseling for the couples we marry, We offer a special counseling package to all couples we marry. We believe that getting married without any pre-marriage preparation is like starting on a journey without fuel in your gas tank or a good map with directions to your ultimate destination. Doesn’t make much sense does it?   You want to do everything you can to ensure that your dreams of a great marriage and a great life are realized. By taking the time to explore the reasons you came together, your similarities, your differences, your hopes and your dreams, as well as your expectations of one another, it is sometimes possible to avoid the challenges that many couples face with the passage of time.

Are the bride and groom able to do a rehearsal the night before the wedding? If yes, would you be conducting it?
Yes – rehearsals are so important! Your rehearsal will make your ceremony run more smoothly by giving all involved an opportunity to practice their part. When people have the chance to find their place and position, the flow of the wedding is smoother, any awkward issues are dealt with prior to the big day, mystery about “what happens next” is removed, and stress is reduced. When those involved are at ease, they can enjoy the ceremony more. And believe it or not, the comfort level of the bridal party has a direct and positive effect on the comfort of your guests.

Do you have any restrictions on videographers, photographers, florists, etc?
We see ourselves as part of a team of important individuals all working together to ensure a beautiful wedding ceremony. We make it a point to check in with other ceremony participants, whether it’s the musicians, DJ, florist, or photographers. The last thing we want to do is to create any stress for the bride or groom by not communicating with their other vendors.

Is there anything else you would like me to know?
Whomever you choose to be a part of your wedding will be remembered forever as your representative before your family and friends who gather together for your ceremony…make sure it someone who invests the time getting to know you, and who can interpret your values, encourage your goals, and celebrate in your joy! Our couples have peace of mind knowing they have an experienced and fun officiant (and his wife!) dedicated to their day. You can't do your wedding ceremony "over" - so let's start things right together!



Premarital and Marriage Counseling
You are about to embark on a new life with someone special and you may be wondering if pre-marital counseling might be of help?
The answer is YES!   While I do not require premarital counseling for the couples I marry, I do believe that getting married without any pre-marriage preparation is like starting on a journey without fuel in your gas tank or a good map with directions to your ultimate destination. Doesn’t make much sense does it?

I provide counseling to couples before marriage and any time between the ”I do” and the golden years of a marriage. Premarital counseling can give couples a supportive environment and framework in which to ask questions such as these, and the skills to deal with the answers:

· Can we live together happily with different temperaments, personalities, and character traits?

· We are from very different family backgrounds, traditions and beliefs –how do we overcome those challenges?

· Boy, do we spend money differently! How will ever be on the same page with finances? Can we ever live within a budget?

· What are some of the ways we can we improve our communication and resolve disagreements quickly?

· Although we are not the Brady Bunch, our marriage creates a blended family – how do we avoid common pitfalls?

· Can we keep our in-laws from becoming our outlaws?


Counseling sessions are with Jerry Law, D. Min. Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor; all books, manuals, worksheets, and materials for home use will be provided.

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We are so excited that we were able to get you for our wedding and know that your custom ceremony will be perfect for us, thank you again so much, you both are wonderful!

Feb 11, 2013