About Us

Quality full digital video production at an affordable price!  

G & G Videography LLC specalizes in wedding and event videography.  We strive to capture your event as unobtrusively as possible.  You can find information and pricing on our web site (www.2gvideo.com).  

Here are five important features that distinguish G & G Videography LLC from many other wedding and event video companies.

We NEVER subcontract our work.  When you meet with us, you know exactly who will show up to record your wedding or event.

We don't charge hourly fees or insist on ending times.

We don't "edit down" weddings and events.  

Our DVDs come with extensive chapter menus allowing you to skip right to the place you want to be.

We send a professional videographer with each camera.  Some places have two or more cameras, but only one is manned so you never know what you are getting on the unmanned camera.

Please call or email us today and we will discuss your specific needs.



G&G did a great job as our wedding videographers. They were professional and the end-result was capturing the day in a fantastic video. Steve

Mar 04, 2015