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About Us

Our videographers’ backgrounds in professional filmmaking make them ideal for adding a unique touch to any event. Gemstone's wedding video packages are designed to give you a timeless and emotional reminder of your special occasion, full of the sights and sounds as you remember them, as well as those you may have missed in the exhilaration of the day. Anyone can record a wedding, but it takes experienced professionals to recognize and capture those unforeseen moments that make a wedding memorable.

Our wedding packages range from $695-$2495 plus tax. We have a number of a la carte items, including photo and video montages, to customize your event. We also work closely with a photographer should you wish to book our services together. Please contact us for your free consultation today!

Why we are different -

1. Prices and Variety – We are affordable and flexible

  • We offer packages from $695 - $2495 cash/check price plus tax to cover a variety of budgets.
  • We also offer a la carte items to customize your event.
  • We are more than willing to work with you for a “build your own” package options.
  • For your convenience, we accept cash, personal checks, Visa, MC and Amex

2. Natural authentic photo journalistic style

  • as videographers - unobtrusive shooting style– We have great zoom lenses so we shoot you and your guests from across the room - you won’t even know we are there which allows us to capture those candid, natural moments.
  • in the editing room, our style is to be as authentic as possible – We use no smoke and mirrors or crazy effects (unless requested). We believe that every event has its own unique beauty which we capture and then cut to your music for a completely customized style – your style.
  • in the sound editing room, quality is what matters – We record up to 4 tracks of sound to provide a variety of audibility and ambience. We then mix these tracks together for the optimum sound capability on the DVD.

3. Extensive Coverage of your wedding day

  • It is our policy to shoot all ceremonies with a minimum of two cameras to ensure that we do not miss a moment. Even our one camera packages include an unmanned camera at the ceremony
  • We shoot continually when we are at your event. This allows our DVD’s to be much longer than average ones. Our typical wedding DVD is 45-60 minutes for 1-camera packages and 80-150 minutes for 2-camera packages (based on a ceremony length of 30 minutes).

4. Professionalism –

  • USC-trained, talented videographers and editors
  • 3-chip quality digital cameras
  • Professional level wireless microphones

5. In-Depth Preparation

  • Ceremony Rehearsal – whenever possible, we attend the ceremony rehearsal so that we can properly design the best angles to shoot the ceremony and so that we can meet the venue staff.
  • On the wedding day we arrive one hour before the ceremony time in order to setup, coordinate with staff and begin shooting for the pre-ceremony montage. Our package times start at ceremony time, so this hour is included with all packages as our gift to you.

6. We conduct ourselves in a manner appropriate for the special day.

7. We coordinate with other vendors to ensure the success of your wedding.

8. Custom professional graphic design

  • We incorporate your colors and designs from your weddings into the DVD menu, cover and face in order to truly customize your DVD. Our DVD menus are divided into individual chapters for your convenience.