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About Us

Congratulations on your engagement! I would like to welcome you to George James...Entertains!, and tell you first of all that it is an honor and a privilege to help you create a romantic, unique, and most-of-all FUN Wedding Reception that truly reflects your style and personality. I take that privilege seriously, and promise to make the entire process stress-free and exciting!

I understand that for most people, choosing a DJ is often difficult and confusing, yet the most important decision you will make for your Wedding Reception. Since everyone claims to be "the best", how can you really find out who is good, and who is an amateur? For a once in a lifetime event like a Wedding Reception, you best start with a professional. Don't take chances with "a friend of a friend". Although people mean well, lack of experience or skill will not prepare them to handle unexpected details.

The key to a smooth Wedding Reception is all in the details and planning. There are DJ's out there that do not understand the importance of being properly prepared. They go out there as "just music" and run into problems.

As your DJ / Master Of Ceremonies, this is what I will do to make sure you have the best wedding reception / ceremony ever!

  • Meeting with The Bride, Groom, and Family Members
  • Creating The Timeline / Agenda
  • Coordinating The Flow with Photographers, Caterer, and other vendors
  • Master Of Ceremony Duties: Organizing the wedding party, making all annoucements including Introductions and all formalities
  • Programming and Proper Timing of music and requests
  • Creating A Fun and Personalized Dance Environment
  • Performing Dances and Interaction at the level you request
  • And More! Whew