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About Us

     WHAT A FEELING! Thank you for your interest in my services. Let me ask you a question. How many of you can actually say you "love" your job? Well I am one of the fortunate ones, to have a passion and genuine love for what I do - which is capturing moments for a lifetime! When I get done capturing a wedding, I feel so lucky being in the profession I am, and I put all that feeling and emotion in my images! As I capture many wedding events, they allow me to capture YOUR feelings, and emotions, as they are presented to me in their very, unique way. I will capture your wedding as I see it unfold, as if I was looking through your eyes!

     OK, question #2. How many of your friends and relatives can actually say they had fun getting their wedding images captured on their special day? I will guarantee you that we will have a blast in photographing your wedding. From the artistic, to the fashion; the parent pleasers to the emotional candids, nothing will be left as I give you a complete history of your wedding - all the while, being totally unobtrusive. I will be there as your friend with a fancy camera!

     As I often say, I get to photograph my friends, not my clients. I accomplish this by including a getting to know you session, with all my coverage's. This allows me to work with both of you, to see what you are like in front of the camera, and you get to see what I am like behind the camera. This is essential in creating an experience with me from day one, so that we are all very comfortable on your wedding day. Utilizing the latest in computer technology, I will help you design and create the wedding album of your dreams, as I provide you with 3-5 minute movie of what your album looks like before it is placed into production, while your family and guests are enjoying your images through our state of the art web service. All of this creating an experience that is unlike no other. After all isn't that what you expect……. and deserve? AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Thanks for taking the time to visit me!