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Floral Design

We have always admired the vast variety and colorful spectrum of flowers – so many moods can be evoked from such a simple and prevalent material. From the complexity of a European-style arrangement to the simplicity of a vase filled with a single type of bloom, to an Asian inspired arrangement, we truly believe there is no lovelier finishing touch than fresh flowers. Our floral designers are the best at what they do, and our studio is devoted to sourcing blooms of the very highest quality from all over the world and will be customized to your dreams.


Lighting Design

Lighting can be a design element in and of itself, or an undercover component that you are unaware is shaping your experience. The definition of successful lighting design varies depending on what its purpose is...

Are you trying to create a festive and electrifying atmosphere that invites your guests to dance the night away? Or perhaps you are looking to evoke a sense of intimacy and elegance amongst them upon entering? Intricate patterns and custom designs can create a sense of movement, accent a theme, or intensify the party, while textured washes and up lighting can give a space a dramatic glow, infuse color, or simply highlight features within the venue.



Décor is what makes your event undeniably yours. Stylish florals and thoughtful details are certainly main ingredients in creating a unique event, but the décor is what sets it apart from the rest. Whether you are looking to create a farmhouse picnic, winter wonderland, or transform your venue into an overgrown forest, let us take you on a journey to your dream event, one innovation at a time. From vases, lanterns, and textiles, to furniture and custom fabricated structures, our extensive collection of resources will turn those initial concepts into a fabulous reality.


Event Management & Planning

Gerilyn Gianna Events has a reputation for creating, planning, and executing the finest events in the area. We offer our expertise for all types of celebrations from weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs, to fundraisers and dinner parties. We strongly believe that combining a carefully styled aesthetic with meticulous planning is the key to a celebration you and your guests will never forget. Whether it is an event two years away, or you are in the home stretch, we pride ourselves on creating an environment of planning that you can enjoy from now until the event. We customize the level of service based on each clients needs in an effort to give you the most important thing – peace of mind. As the event moves forward, we will coordinate every step so you can simply sit back and be a guest at your own party!


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Loved this company. Service is best and Gerilyn really knew my vision. Highly recommend.

Apr 21, 2015