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About Us

Creating the Jewelry of Your Dreams

Creating an original and unique piece of jewelry is a complicated process. That includes many graduating steps that we would like to introduce to you, so you can understand and see better what kind of personalized and careful approach we offer to each of our customer.

Expertise in the most ornate designs~
We can take the image in your mind and forge into reality. Our experience and expertise allow us to craft uniquely beautiful jewelry from the most ornate designs. When others shy away from your dreams, let our skill create that you envision.

Gifts from the far corners of the earth~ Gordon Welch also offers a selection of elegant gifts for any special occasion. In addition to wedding jewelry, we provide men's accessories, silver charms, jewelry boxes, and other mementos for special occasions or bridal party and groomsmen gifts. For your convenience for generations to come.

Groom's Rings~
We are skilled at finding a balance between a ring he will wear (plain band) and one that speaks of your unique union. We can also help you design a ring that ways: married (a ring with some serious style.)

Creating the jewelry of your dreams~ Gordon Welch has been in business for almost 31 years. He specializes in creation elegant custom jewelry. No job is too small or too big. A full-service jewelry store; we are equipped with the resources to design the jewelry of your dreams on the premises. In addition to our original designs, we also offer an assortment of modern lines of jewelry, as well as delicate romantic looks of the past. Our proven skills and wide selection have built our reputation as a wedding specialist.

Working from your design or ours~
Gordon Welch Jewelry transforms every idea into a possibility. We will dedicate you expertise to producing the design of your dreams. Crafted with an unusually creative and refined artistic style, our masterpieces become family treasures to be cherished for generations to come.

Please visit www.gordonwelchjewelry.com for more.