500 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
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About Us

Like a pearl tucked inside the brand new Hotel Commonwealth, Great Bay shows just how many surprises that radically revised Kenmore Square has in its repertoire. Great Bay's environment can best be described as marine-ish. (Now that was helpful, wasn't it?)

The two dining rooms are, well, they're fun; full of modern whimsy and decorated with the delicacy and infinite coloration of the sea. The interplay of light, fabric, motion and the arching of the interior's ceiling is like taking a trip inside Moby Dick. Or frolicking with a giant sea creature.

The dining room at Great Bay has two distinct parts. The main dining room is bold but soothing, always aglow with elements of the ocean circling on the back wall like a school of tropical fish. The second dining room is lovely called the Aquarium by the staff. It's a softly vibrant, delicate room that feels like you're wading in a gauze fishbowl. This room is preferred by those looking for quiet conversation, a private table (but one that still has a view of the action!) and those wishing to be surrounded by, well, beauty.

Bioluminescence. That's our bar. Plus we have fantastic bartenders and every gem of liquor you could ever imagine. Yeah, bioluminescence. Get lured in for a drink before a game and you may never leave. Rub elbows with other land lovers or work the room like a shark. Either way there's no danger leaving all dried up.

The Great Bay "Island" is the oasis between the lounge and the dining room.
An extension of the bar, the Island provides a wild collection of surprise and creativity, all made with a freshness that redefines freshness. From Duxbury oysters, delivered twice daily, to a Lobster and Scallop Ceviche with champagne grapes; from Spicy Halibut Tacos to a selection of salads that will make you forget Mssrs. Waldorf, Caesar, Cobb, and Nicoise, forever.

As you enter Great Bay, you enter the lounge, and you find yourself saying "Toto, we're not in Boston anymore." Warm, inviting, highly contemporary furnishings provide a sexy, casual atmosphere that transports you from an earthly dimension to a nautical one. The Great Bay lounge is another world, and that world is not your typical Boston seafood restaurant. Think Atlantis. Think Jules Verne.