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Gregory Fox, Wedding Photojournalism


If you prefer the freedom to experience your wedding day without staging most of the photographs, please read on. 

I keep a low profile while capturing the emotions and sensations of your celebration. It is often the unscripted moments that tell the wedding story. I bring more than two decades of editorial photography experience to each wedding. This experience helps me to be at the right place at the right time.

My goal as a Wedding Photojournalist is to document your day and its feelings without imposing myself into the events. My clients have praised me for "being everywhere" while barely being noticed.

After editing, I deliver a comprehensive picture story of your wedding day. Years from now you can look at the photos and re-feel the sensations of your special day.

"Wedding Photojournalism" does not mean that I won't take posed photos. I am happy to take any groupings you request. But even with these staged shots I'm still looking for that spontaneous moment.

I typically shoot digital, but if you want the look of real black and white film I can provide it. I have my own darkroom and more than 20 years experience shooting, processing and printing black and white photos.

I have one basic Wedding Photography price: $1200 plus $72 Michigan Sales Tax for up to 8 hours of photography.


My background is in newspaper photojournalism. I use that experience to document your wedding day without imposing myself into your celebration. I capture those spontaneous moments that tell your story.