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About Us

HERE TO STAY ~ As a full service music consulting company for over 25 years, Gulf Coast Entertainment has been successfully planning and executing great parties and memorable events, including the Houston International Festival each spring. In an average year, we book 950 acts from thirteen countries. We can handle your job.

THE RIGHT BAND ~ If you know what you want - great. We can negotiate the arrangements, often at a price substantially lower than you could get on your own. If you aren't sure what you want - no problem. We can provide you with countless possibilities in all price ranges and musical styles. Who's new? What's hot? Who's available? From single entertainers to big bands, regional acts to super stars, Gulf Coast Entertainment is your most complete source of musical entertainment.

COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE ~ Do you know what the electrical requirements for a band are? The necessary stage size? Sound and light requirements? No? Well, don't worry. We supervise and coordinate these and other aspects of the show so that you won't have to endure the terror of on-the-job training in musical production.

PERSONAL ATTENTION ~ Most booking agents consider the job complete when the contract is signed. Not us. Personal supervision and follow-up is our hallmark, and the reason that over 90% of our business is from repeat or referral customers. If your event calls for the best in entertainment, call Gulf Coast and enjoy the best in customer satisfaction as well.

THE RIGHT PRICE ~ Most bands have no fixed price; they charge what the market will bear. Our years of national booking experience and extensive data base allow us to get straight to the band's bottom line, and ensures a fair price for you.

Please visit www.gulfcoastentertainment.com for more information.