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About Us

Hamlet productions presents visionary and inspiring high quality images. Hamlet offers you creative and original photo images which you will always cherish whenever you look at them.

Hamlet is a very gifted and competent photographer who puts his heart into what he captures. His passion and expertise as a photographer can be seen when you work with him and is shown in every image that he takes. Hamlet offers you to experience light in a different way. He transmits living light into your images. Value your own experience with breath taking memories that will last forever.

Hamlet was amazing!!!!! I have never had professional pictures taken and I was a little nervous, but the engagement session put me completely at ease before my big day =). He gave good direction, his wife was there too and she was very sweet and helpful. He has a great photographer's eye, I loved all the pictures he took! The photographer/videographer (he also took video for 12 hours on my wedding day) is sooo important, he takes pictures/video of the details that you yourself are sure to miss on your big day! Highly, highly recommend him. M. & K.

Because of Hamlet I can always look at my pictures and be happy...He was my wedding's photographer and I am telling you he is the best artist out there...He puts up all his energy and talent to make your day special and memorable. R. & V.

Hamlet was the photographer for my outdoor wedding, which took place recently. I am very pleased with the quality of his work. We had discussed the type of photos me and my fiancé would have liked to be taken prior to the event, and he surprised us with the create style and elements he added to it, especially with the new image processing techniques. I can truly recommend him, as he is a very professional and pleasant person. J. & M.