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About Us

Barbie Brooking, owner of HANA flowers in season, uses her naturalist's eye for beauty, her experience teaching flower arranging, and 30 years practicing the art of Ikebana to create designs that emphasize the grace and elegance of each branch, leaf and blossom. Her arrangements are unique for their attention to the elements of artistic composition such as the curve of a line and the use of negative space.

HANA flowers in season is known for combining flowers from old and new gardens and from the woods and meadows with florist shop specialties. We enjoy meeting with clients to plan the look they want for weddings and other momentous occasions. Consultations are free.

Quotes from clients:

"In Barbie's arrangements, each flower has a voice."
        Peter H., artist, father-of-the-bride

"It seems like some things rarely exceed one's expectations, and your flowers certainly did - we loved them!"
        Page C., landscape designer, July bride

"You made our visions a beautiful, delicate, and sweet smelling reality."
        Anna C., artist, August bride


HANA flowers in season
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