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About Us

Handeland Tesoro has been known for over a decade in fashion and lifestyle photography and has been commissioned to photograph hundreds of weddings around the world. Dyan Handeland and Robert Tesoro work together as a creative team to capture your day from every angle and every opportunity. Each of them renowned photographers in their own right before joining as a team, they quickly became the sought after duo in the business. Their relaxed, professional approach sets your mind at ease and allows you to enjoy the natural flow of your day without endless photo setups. Handeland Tesoro will not only document your day utilizing their expertise with composition and light, they will capture on film the emotion, the memories and the beauty of each moment. With both editorial candids and stylish family portraits, your day will be documented in timeless photos to tell a story cherished for generations.

"With Dyan & Robert you have the luxury of having your event covered by two amazing photographers. They don't have several assistants running around taking photos or taking over for them after the ceremony. It is the two of them, for your entire day. They are masterful story tellers, can be at two places at once, and are passionately committed to the emotional experience of your wedding day. They do the work, they tell the story; your story."
Jaqueline Delumière, Delumière Events

"Their seamless style of shooting produced the most real the most beautiful wedding photos I've ever seen, and not just because they were of us. They are two tremendous artists, as well as great professionals."
Mark Blanchard, Mark Blanchard's Power Yoga

"Dyan & Robert, we cannot express in words how happy we are with the wonderful photos! I believe the universe gives everyone gifts and talents, but they aren't always easy to find! Both of your have found your talent. Thanks again!"
Rashae & Jeff Taylor

"In terms of capturing sentiment, few things are as enduring as wedding photographs...two photographers can be better than one."
Vera Wang