Xpu-Ha Pemex Gas Station
Xpuha, Quintana Roo
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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle rental Tours in Playa del Carmen and Mexico Experience the Riviera Maya and the Yucatan Peninsula on a genuine Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Since 2001 we have been serving thousands of enthusiastic motorcyclists from all around the world, we have been offering rentals in the Riviera Maya, including Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Akumal and Tulum area.The owner Eikka is the man behind the motorcycles, so to speak. Originally from Finland, Eikka has been living in Mexico for the past 16 years. In 1997 he was offered a job with the phone company Nokia, based out of Central Mexico. He decided to take the plunge, and move halfway across the world. Meanwhile he also raced motorcycles internationally for two years before starting the Harley-Davidson rentals.It was in Playa del Carmen that he decided to open up the motorcycle rental business to share his love for bikes and adventures. And let me tell not only does he have the knowledge of these monstrous motorcycles, but also he can handle them in any situation, any country and any time.In his 6 months of self-introspection and a solo self-guided tour of South America in 2001. He was heading toward the end of his 180 days "Road Trip", and he hooked up with a friend he had met 5 months before in Central America. They then organized a 300 Harley run in Colombia. Not a bad way to end an adventure! So after 180 days, 48,000 kilometers, 20 flat tires, and 17 countries in Central and South America, Eikka returned to Mexico in 2001 and began to share his love for bikes and adventures to the vacationers in this area.So putting it lightly, if you want to ride a Harley and adventure around our beautiful landscape, Eikka IS the man to see! Go visit Eikka, he knows his Harley's and the places to visit.Ride on!!!