About Us

Your wedding offers a unique gathering of friends and family with the sole purpose to celebrate your love and the life you begin that day. Photography enables that special moment to last a lifetime.

More than 22 years ago, Harrison Hurwitz was asked to shoot the wedding of a New York fashion magazine client. Since then, he has enjoyed offering his talents and perspective to many brides and grooms for their special day. His background in shooting fashion, album covers, and editorial projects allows him to thrive in an environment where there are no "retakes", where seconds count. Harrison is already known for his ability to seamlessly merge editorial fashion and journalistic photography, and that appears to be the direction where the best wedding photography is headed.

Each bride and groom has a vision of how their wedding day should be captured. Harrison knows they are the stars…and on this day they are the center from which everything else revolves. He has a keen ability to shift perspectives and capture beauty in places or moments often overlooked. Details are often where the mood is cloaked…the play of light in the darkness, the curve of the lips...

Indescribable emotions ebb and flow with the events that make up you're wedding day. With a strong background in psychology, Harrison has an innate ability to grasp the essence that makes your wedding different. He is aware of the infinite variety of nuances found in the body language and facial expressions of an individual, enabling him to artistically capture soulful candid images.

His quick and easygoing manner produces magazine quality images that are natural and timeless, with a modern edge. Harrison shoots a limited number of weddings per year, enabling each event to express its unique personality.

"We just want to thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on your photos and with our wedding albums! We couldn't be happier! Not only are you an incredible talent, but a super person as well! Everybody just loved you, and commented on how great you were to be around. You can add us to your list of clients that are so happy they chose you!"
Shanna & Arthur Mirante
Paradise Island, The Bahamas

"I want to thank you so much once again for being part of our wedding and taking such beautiful photographs. Going through them over the last few weeks, I am continually struck by how well they capture Dave, me, our family members and our friends."
Elizabeth Neustaedter
Purchase, New York

"I just wanted you to know how incredibly pleased Rich and I are with the proofs! You did such an amazing job - I couldn't be happier with them. Several people from the wedding commented to me how gracious you were at the wedding. For that I am so grateful. Again, thank you so much for doing such a great job and for being so wonderful to our guests."
Jennifer & Rich Davilos
Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, Arizona