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Healthy Horizons....For the Life you Love

With your wedding approaching, we have some great products that will enhance your glow, help you maintain a higher level of energy and help you lose weight in the process. Think it's not possible? It is!

Understanding your body's needs, what threatens its systems and functionality, and how to fight back, gives you control of your health and a roadmap to wellness. There are steps you can take to prevent illness, reduce the risk of developing health problems, and enhance the quality of your life.

We live in a world of heightened demands and expectations. With your wedding approaching and all of the details piling up, you want and need to make more of every moment! But sometimes, you step on the gas and the tank is empty! Most of us would love to take a nap but we can't, so we reach for yet another coffee, candy bar, snack or worse! How would you like a revolutionary and safe nutritional supplement that gives your body a boost that not only supports you in the moment but also rebuilds your body, cell by cell, over time?

Dr. Paul and his wife, Dr. Gisele Vermette, are both graduates of Life Chiropratic College in Atlanta. Since they were first exposed to Calorad Paul has
dropped 117 pounds and has reduced his waist size by 14 inches, Gisele has managed to shed 75 pounds!

Reccommended Products

You have probably heard how collagen may be a fountain of youth that fights visible signs of aging, but did you know that it might also be the secret behind losing inches of fat and maintaining a healthy weight? Over time, the aging process causes collagen to decrease, resulting in excess weight, reduced energy, and more wrinkling. This decline can be corrected with collagen supplementation. Calorad's potent nightly rebuilding and rejuvenation of your collagen levels will replenish you naturally.

Not only does this natural repair cycle help trim inches, it also facilitates the rebuilding of lean muscle. In addition, adding Calorad AM in the morning will provide you with a round-the-clock weight loss system. You will fuel your body for another day's activities, feel fewer cravings, and have more vitality and stamina. Taking Calorad at night and in the morning is as quick as it is easy -- it's simply The Healthiest Weight Loss System Ever!

Prosoteine is a natural, stimulant-free liquid protein supplement. It is plant-based and contains an innovative blend of highly bioavailable amino acids that assist in:

  • increasing energy, memory and mental clarity
  • creating a more positive mood
  • building muscle for increased exercise performance
  • reducing fatigue
  • Prosoteine. The ULTIMATE Performance ENHANCER!

The EYI Wellness Products and Nutritional Supplements following can help you get slimmer, healthier and happier and make wellness an integral part of your life.

Prosoteine has been shining for me is also in continued energy and stamina. The last couple of weeks. has seen many short nights, but w/ taking Calorad just before bed, and Pro 1st thing the next am (followed by the routine Iso-Greens, Noni Plus, & Triomin), I flowed through the day having energy and stamina to continue on without the exhausted, zombie feeling in the head, just steady energy and feelin' great!!
Ray Bergey

Definition is a safe, non-invasive, natural herbal product designed to feed and nurture the female breast. The perfectly selected ingredients work in harmony, helping the body to maintain the nutritional needs of the mammary glands. Definition works with the body’s natural capabilities to maintain the heath, shape and tone of youth in the female breast.

"While in my forties, I delivered my one and only child. After nursing him for three years, my chest, which was my best feature, was visibly older looking. Then came definition"'.-1 went from concave to convex in less than a month. This system is a wonderful blessing to any woman who wishes to look much younger."
Rena Davis, Age 46 St. Helens, Oregon

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or email us for a one-on-one talk about our products and what they can do for you.