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About Us

Our Company
Heavenly Eyes Production Inc. is a full service film and video production company. Our mission is to give you the best quality video images on one of the most important days of your lives. We produce the highest quality video and photo images at an affordable price. Our crewmembers are filmmakers, creative videographers, talented photographers and wedding consultants who are committed to guiding you through the development and completion of your wedding event.

Our Style
We will record all the actions and reactions without a director saying take two or cut. You will be our directors leading up to your biggest day and we will record what you want us to do during the actual ceremony. Let us take care of videotaping the reception while you enjoy the very special moments with each other and have fun dining and dancing with your friends and family on that very special day. We will edit your wedding video according to the order and the specific look you want us to do. We will incorporate some of your photos during your courtship in addition to your wedding photos. We will use bouquets, candles, decorations, flowers, designs and other decorations as transitions in between takes. We will use beautiful fonts for titles and credits to match the motif of your final wedding video.

Our Packages
We offer a variety of traditional and special video wedding packages to fit your specific budget as well as customized packages, which we will work with you to create. Our staff includes experienced camerapersons, lighting, sound and special effects experts. We shoot with several high definition digital video cameras as well as high-end sound equipment. Our talented editors will beautifully edit together all of your precious moments throughout your wedding day. We can also include footage from your wedding rehearsal, some of your honeymoon videos and photos into your final video. We provide the final copy of your wedding video on a DVD format with menus so you can watch it either in full or in parts just like watching your favorite romantic movie, and this time it's your own love story. In addition to our standard and traditional packages; The Bride and Groom Package, The Wedding Ring Package, The Honeymoon Package and The Bouquet Package, we also offer a Commitment Ceremony Package. We will be very creative in capturing all of the best and most memorable moments of your non-traditional commitment ceremony. We can also customize your package to fit your budget and needs. Let us assist you in choosing the right package for you!

Our Team
We have a talented group of fun, creative and professional videographers, filmmakers and photographers who work in harmony and diligently to record the most memorable moments of your wedding day.

Service Locations
We provide wedding video services all throughout the Bay Area, California and the entire United States including the islands of Hawaii. We can travel with you and will videotape at locations of your choice.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Leilani Amour.
Visit our main website at www.heavenlyeyes.tv
for our movie and film production services.