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HH Limousine Services takes great pride in providing our Seattle and surrounding area customers with professional service. We are dedicated to excellence, honesty and integrity. HH Limousine Service serves a variety of ground transportation needs, from weddings, birthdays, Anniversaries, graduations conventions, corporate events, sporting events, concerts, Seattle city tours, Airport service or any special occasion you have planned.

While pricing is always one of the primary concerns, safety, efficiency, and reliability, should also be taken into consideration when evaluating a service provider.

5 Questions you should ask any Limousine company

  1. Ask the company the age and model of the Limousine you will be renting.
  2. If you can visit the company and ask to see the car you will be renting.
  3. Ask the company to put in writing the car that they show you will be the same car that picks you up for your event.
  4. Ask the company what is the maximum number of passengers ( EXCLUDING THE DRIVER AND FRONT PASSENGER SEAT.)
  5. Make sure the company gives you a quote that includes the gratuity and any travel charges, also ask what the policy is for going over your rental time.

Photo By W.B. Bissell

Photo By Dani Weiss Photography

Photo By Dani Weiss Photography

Photo By Dani Weiss Photography

Photo By Dani Weiss Photography

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