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About Us

Your day. Our canvas. We truly believe in treating each and every wedding as our canvas. Capture a visual storybook to accompany your memories throughout the years. We blend traditional and photojournalistic images throughout the day and how much of each is left up to you. We work with each couple to make sure we have a list ready of all those included in traditional poses and utilize our experience to expand on that list to ensure each couple is left with an astounding number of combinations to choose from. While we have certain poses we use for consistency, a large part of what we do is improvise with each couple to create images that best suit the personality of the family and the day. Our favorite challenge is the photojournalistic images. To seek out the most emotional events throughout the day and capture the spirit of those events. Most of this is done with natural light and converted to black and white to better enhance the mood of the image. We strive to challenge ourselves with each wedding, we are artists documenting the most important day of your life. This is our challenge. This is our canvas.