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America's Favorite Disco Experience

"Most people might be surprised to read that a '70s cover band was voted 'Best Local Band' by readers of a Seattle publication. But Hit Explosion did it, and when one considers their remarkable resume - they've played in Seattle's Kingdome and Portland's Rose Garden and they've been hired by Bruce Willis, Detlef Schrempf, Fred Couples and Paul Allen - it becomes a bit less surprising. And the fact that they've even been joined on-stage by Seattle's uncrowned royalty, Bill Gates, puts them into very exclusive company. The upbeat, danceable disco band has a following like few others, and their appeal is undeniable." www.real.com

"Hit Explosion's post game concert was a big success. It was our largest post-game concert ever! I would trust Hit Explosion to give a 1st class performance anywhere."
Seattle Mariners

"Hit Explosion's performance on Opening Night was absolutely fantastic!
It went so smoothly, and was a huge hit with all in attendance (sold out). We look forward to working with you again."
Seattle SuperSonics

"Software tycoon Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft with Chairman Bill Gates, was the hit of Starwave's Christmas party when the band Hit Explosion brought Allen and his guitar to the stage. Sources say Allen played four pieces, capping his performance with a rendition of "Play That Funky Music, White Boy." The Seattle Times

"On behalf of One Reel and the Seattle Art Museum the Black and White Ball was a great success, the biggest turn out in years, due in part to your contribution."
One Reel

"Ask anyone in the know and Hit Explosion will be the band at the top of the list."
The Inlander (Spokane, WA)

"It is no secret that they are Seattle's number one band and can be held personally responsible for packing every venue they perform. Attendance at this year's Great Northwest Microbrewery Invitational was 8,200, we believe Hit Explosion was a big part of that success." Festivals Inc.

"Last Friday night at the Fenix after Hit Explosion's first set, a palpable cloud of steam rose off the body crush that packed not only the dance floor but every other nook and cranny of the brick-walled basement. They clearly love this music and their audience." The Seattle Times

"Boogie down! '70's 'feel good' music appeals to teens, adults. One of the most successful acts now playing local nightclubs is Hit Explosion. Every weekend, Washingtonians line up to hear the band's note-for-note renditions of anthems from the disco era." The King County Journal

"A success at playing '70's tunes since they started three years ago at local clubs in Seattle, Hit Explosion now attracts fans from all over the northwest to their high energy, feel good shows. Some devotees wait up to two hours to get in the door to see a performance. They get everyone of all ages and ethnic groups together singing and dancing. It's a great time! Hit Explosion plays funk and disco classics with all the soul of an original." The Tacoma City Paper

"Your efforts at the Thank You Celebration played a vital role in the tremendous success of this year's event. This was our most successful campaign ever we have exceeded our goal by over $2 million. Thank you very much for a job well done. You helped make 'Good Happen.' Boeing Employees Good Neighbor Fund

"…Fun costumes, great sound and an enthusiastic crowd response. Along with the recommendation of several coworkers, and your reputation as one of Seattle's best party bands, I felt confident in booking Hit Explosion for this important corporate event. The crowd loved the 70s tunes, and the energy of the band. Kudos to all of you for conveying your love of the music you sing. Everyone in attendance felt the good vibrations, and the party was the talk of the town the following day! Thanks again for your part in making (our) party a huge success." FreeShop.com