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About Us

Holland Photo Studio exists because of family and memories. Founded in 1920 by my grandfather, the torch was picked up when my father passed away five years ago. With my personal and professional goals overlapping, the families of my clients inherit a time capsule of memories and history. It is my hope that my photography will become the most treasured heirlooms decades from now. My family's history is honored with the seriousness I give yours.

With a 25 year background as a classical musician, my influences were nurtured by a different branch of the creativity tree than many photographers. I believe each soul is boundlessly unique if only given the freedom to express. My best photography is created in front of brides and grooms that know who they are and don't fear the differences that are the essence of their individuality.

I will capture your inherent beauty and passion.

"Booking Phil as our wedding photographer was seriously the best choice we made in planning our wedding! ...The service level he provides is well beyond what we were charged. I feel lucky to have worked with him. He captured our wedding and engagement perfectly!" -Kristen and Chris