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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Get ready to enjoy one of the SWEETEST parts of your wedding planning process! 

All my cakes are from scratch, and that includes not just the cakes themselves but also the buttercreme frosting and fondant. I don't use any hydrogenated oil or HFCS - EVER. I call it "motor oil by-produce SLUDGE", because that's what it is to your body. Unfortunately, most cake mixes are chock full of hydrogenated oil. All grocery store cakes, and even many speciality bakers, use cake mixes. (Grocery stores get their sheet cakes shipped in already baked and frozen, by the way, and have an expiration date of about two years away....just FYI...) Higher end bakers "start with box" and add their own premium ingredients. But no matter how doctored up the cake mix is, it's still cake mix. So it has hydrogenated oil and a host of other chemicals that are foriegn to your body. Next time you're at the grocery store, stop by and take a look at the ingredient list on any cake mix box. Hydrogenated oil? ALUMINUM? And those are just the chemicals that I can pronounce. Every cake I deliver includes a list of ingredients -- you'll see flour, eggs, milk...all REAL ingredients.

And the frosting you get from jars or from the local grocery? That's not buttercreme. It's shortening-creme. That sickening sweet, leaves a slimy aftertaste in your mouth frosting is made from hydrogenated shortening -- not butter. It's typically all shortening with artificial, clear butter flavor added.  My buttercreme is just that -- BUTTER creme. Creamy and delicious, and made with all real butter. My fondant is also all homemade with real ingredients. (And actually TASTES good too! Really!) 

Basic frosted and decorated cakes start at $2.75 per serving, with the typical cake averaging $3.50 per serving. This includes most decoration (extensive sugar floral work will be additional). Delivery is free within the metro Columbus area. Small delivery charge (just to cover gas costs) applies for events over 30 miles from our location.

My servings are generous, as well. No "wedding slivers" on my cakes -- they taste so good, you will want to serve a nice big slice to everyone!

Complimentary cake tastings are available for any order over 80 servings. Tastings are for up to 4 people and will include two of my most popular cake and filling flavors. Additional flavors as well as tastings for smaller orders are available upon request for an additional small fee. For more information, including all the cake and filling flavors, please see my website at www.HomeRunCakes.com.  Home Run Cakes LLC is licensed and inspected by the state of Ohio.  

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to meet you soon!


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