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About Us

We were in a suite on the 14th floor of the Hyatt. I put the finishing touches on the lovely bride and her bridal party. I wished everyone the very best, hugged the bride and made my way out the door. I left my makeup case in the lobby with security while I pulled my car around front. I loaded up my makeup and was waiting in line to pull out as I saw her walk out the front door of the hotel… There she was, like a fairytale princess, the beautiful Bride-to-be all dolled up for her groom. Like an angel, she beamed with light as the photographer captured her every move. You could see it…she looked and felt incredible! She had that glow that every bride dreams of. The dress, the hair, the makeup…just as she hoped, it had all come together perfectly. Her foundation was flawless, her beautiful eyes twinkled and her lips glistened with gloss. Her heartfelt smile was radiant as her father opened the door of the limo. She was picture perfect.

Words can't reveal the sense of pride that I felt. It was my vision and creative talent that contributed to one of the most important days of her life…her wedding day (said with a grin). I know in my heart that these are the memories and the photos she will always hold dear. THIS is my desire for every bride that I illuminate.

In 1998, I got my start with Estee Lauder- the great pioneer of makeup. After one year, I was in love with makeup and hooked on the artistry aspect. I went on to help open the first MAC Cosmetics counter at Macy's in Lexington, KY. After two years with MAC Cosmetics, I ventured out and begin my Freelancing Career as a Makeup Artist, which ultimately lead me to Los Angeles, CA. There, I was fortunate to meet and work with many talented individuals. In 2009, I made my way back to the fabulous state of Kentucky to near family and friends. In 2010 I married the most wonderful man ever. I currently am a makeup artist in Louisville, KY. I have enjoyed my journey thoroughly and I give ALL thanks to God for the many blessings along the way and the tremendous amount of success that I continue to have....

My Mission:
"To build a fruitful makeup business through a personal pursuit of integrity, hard work, genuine listening and detailed perfection. I will take pride in making each person look and feel amazing. While illuminating each face that I touch with a colorful glow, I will also share my joyful nature, knowledge and infinite creativity. I am committed to giving and being the best."