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Seattle, WA 98105
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About Us

The Artisan Cake Guild is a small studio in Seattle, WA dedicated to the sugar arts and the art of cake making.

I have been teaching here in Seattle for four years and I have discovered that there are ordinary people finding their art in cake making. Our students come from all walks of life, from doctors to architects, computer wizards and home makers, lawyers and students, culinary students and jazz musicians.

There is much comfort in cake making. There is a sense of accomplishment in making a wonderful cake.

I am starting a whiz bang cake club for all you cake enthusiasts to join and enjoy. We will be exploring cake recipes, icings, fillings, decorating techniques, gumpaste flowers, pastillage, chocolate work, piping and much more. The cake club will meet on the first Sunday of each month from 7-9pm.

Discovering your art completes your life. Come discover the art of making beautiful cakes at The Artisan Cake Guild.

What we do

The teaching of wedding cake making is an art in and of itself and the culinary schools in our country should separate the art of wedding cake making from the classes in pastry and baking in order to give their students an opportunity to explore the many techniques utilized in the making of a wedding cake.

Students who come to a gumpaste class will receive the cutter or set of cutters for that class that they can take home with them. Other gumpaste tools, equipment and materials can be purchased through The Artisan Cake Guild and the public is welcome to come to the studio to purchase materials by appointment.

Cake essentials like color gels, luster dusts and petal dusts can also be purchased through The Artisan Cake Guild.

White Chocolate Fondant can be purchased from The Artisan Cake Guild, however, it must be ordered at least a day ahead of time and you must know how much fondant you need to cover the cakes you are making. White chocolate fondant is $15.00 a pound.

High quality gumpaste can be purchased from The Artisan Cake Guild for $10.00 a pound.

CMC Powder can be purchased through The Artisan Cake Guild and it is $6.00 for 4 ounces.

Isomalt can be purchased through The Artisan Cake Guild and it is $10.00 a pound.