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About Us

Do you want to be directed all day by a photographer who is going to tell you everything you should do…look here, tilt your head, look up, look down, look at me etc? And do that all day long! Or are you confident enough with yourself that you can mostly ignore the camera, except for some formals, and let me capture the realness and naturalness of your day.

I'm into storytelling with as little intrusiveness as possible. Sure, I want to work with you and your fiancé on some romantic pictures that may even look fashionesque, but I primarily want to just capture the small intimate moments of interaction you two have along with the interactions you experience with the close circle of people around you.

I have been blessed with a significant amount of recognition for my work over recent years including being ranked 3rd in the world this past year by The International Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists, but the praise I work the hardest for and treasure the most is that from my clients.

Starting in 2010 I'm doing a limited 25 weddings a year and am selective in finding those couples who best resonate with my style and have a wedding planned for a date that fits my calendar.

Please check out my website and blog. If you feel a connection with my work please use the contact page on my website to request my pricing schedule as well as check my availability. Thanks for reading.