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About Us

What could be more romantic than a radiant bride and groom arriving in a regal carriage pulled by sparkling white horses! You'll delight your guests with this fairy tale scene and set the stage for a truly memorable wedding.

Hundley Carriages, Inc., offers a selection of five elegant carriages to complement a variety of bridal themes. Each wedding carriage is impeccably cleaned and tastefully adorned. Decorations include delicate garlands, white or ivory bows, and a "Just Married" sign trimmed in silk flowers. The coachman and footman are dressed in your choice of historically accurate period attire.

Here are answers to the questions we most often encounter:

What happens in cases of inclement weather? All of our carriages can be partially or completed enclosed to protect passengers from inclement weather. However, if weather conditions are especially severe, you may cancel the carriage service with a minimum of six hours notice and receive a refund less your deposit.

How much time should I allow for the carriage ride? Our carriage horses trot at approximately six miles per hour. At this rate, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to travel a distance of four miles. Wedding carriages should limit their total riding distance to no more than six miles, so guests will not be kept waiting for an excessive amount of time.

Can the horses be driven in street traffic? Yes, they have been specially trained by our experienced drivers to ride in busy modern-day traffic. Hundley Carriages, Inc., is fully insured and permitted to drive on any public road, except those highways where slow-moving vehicles are prohibited. A police escort is not required.

Are beverages allowed in the carriage? Special occasions often call for a toast. We will be happy to keep your bottle of bubbly or other beverage chilled for you during the carriage ride. High-fluted glasses are strongly recommended to minimize spills. Please help us protect our carriage interiors by not smoking or drinking beer and other dark-colored beverages.

How do I reserve a carriage? Just go to the Contract link on this Web site and print a copy of our simple contract. If you have any questions when filling it out, please call for assistance. Mail the completed contract with a check, made payable to Hundley Carriages, Inc., for $200 or 25% of the total, if that sum is greater. We will review the contract to make sure that your date is available and your requests are possible. The contract will then be signed and returned to you. This reserves your special occasion on our calendar. The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your date.