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First of all, my heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to the would-be newly weds. You guys made it - that's FANTASTIC.


As your wedding officiant, my objective would be to make your precious moments as easy, fun, filled with laughter, emotions and spectacular as possible. I do that by personalizing your wedding with words and expressions that celebrate your love and your story and the life you are about to begin as a married couple. I promise I can make your special day memorable.  I can’t however, promise that you or your guests won't sometimes break into tears of joyful emotions or won't burst out in laughter as they listen to your love story from me. 


Your complete satisfaction is the most important factor for me.  There are no retakes, there is no second chance - you get one shot at making your wedding ceremony the most romantic, spectacular and memorable event that will live with you for eternity.


Let’s collaborate and work together to design your ceremony that will mean the most to you - one that reflects your love for each other, includes your preferred  customs, traditions or ceremonies and provides your family and friends a memorable experience to cherish forever. Whether you would elope to San Diego, have a confidential wedding or a traditional wedding ceremony,  it all starts with a simple phonecall to 844-88-I-WED-U (844-884-9338) or just submit the form on my website. I will interview the two of you over the phone or ideally, meet with you in person to create a personalized wedding ceremony in San Diego for you.

I appreciate you for taking the time to read about my services. CONGRATULATIONS again and may all the love, peace and prosperity of life and the Universe be at your command as you two embark on your glorious adventure of marital bliss together.


Excitedly Yours!!!


Joy Ghosh

Your Personal San Diego Wedding Officiant

Visit: http://weddingofficiant-sandiego.com/


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