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About Us

Kreig is a native Californian, has pastored churches in Orange and San Diego Counties, has been married for 28 years, is a father of three great kids, loves adventure sports and travel, and has committed his life to making a positive impact on the people he meets and serves.

Pastor Kreig Gammelgard loves doing weddings! For nearly 25 years he has officiated at hundreds of weddings around the country and would love to help you customize your wedding ceremony to be a wedding to remember.

Many couples and their families spend thousands of dollars investing in their special day making everything perfect, from hair to nails to flowers to food. As important as these details are, the reality is that those elements will fade away in hours or days… and what is left is the marriage.

When the wedding is over the marriage begins.

Since tying the knot is just the first step, Pastor Kreig's philosophy puts a priority on the marriage and suggests that each couple invest in two pre-marriage appointments to prepare for and plan a marriage that will last a lifetime… and a wedding that will be remembered for years to come.

Foundation of Faith
As an ordained pastor with a Masters Degree in Theology, Kreig has strong convictions that a marriage that includes God will be stronger and go further than if not.

When the ceremony is designed, it will be up to each couple to determine the expressions of faith to be displayed. Kreig will be sensitive to your desires and needs while maintaining his beliefs and integrity.

Questions regarding faith and values will be addressed during pre-marriage meetings together, where there will be plenty of time to determine what fits you , as a couple, best.

Let me help you customize your special day.

Kreig has officiated weddings at:

  • Churches
  • Parks and Beaches
  • Resorts and Wineries
  • Golf Courses and Country Clubs
  • Backyards and Mountain Tops

And makes every ceremony personal, fun, and meaningful!

Philosophy and Fee
Kreig would prefer to meet twice prior to the wedding for personal consultation, custom planning, and conversational relational assessment to get everyone on the "same page."

His services include:

  • Pre-Wedding Meetings
  • A Rehearsal
  • The Ceremony
  • A "Post-Marriage Tune Up"

All of these services are available for only $500*
(* Additional fees for travel or accommodations may be necessary if the wedding is outside of San Diego County)

Contact him if you have any questions...Or call to make an appointment.