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About Us

Denise Hutter

Is a licensed cosmetologist. Professional Make-up Artist, Event Hairstylist & Aesthetician Also featuring facials, waxing, airbrush makeup and airbrush tanning.

Denise's work continues to be in the pages of Wedding Magazine and has graced the covers of several magazines.  Denise is the owner and solo operator of Images By Denise  cosmetics  where all of her clients receive customized attention for their beauty needs.    

What beauty services do you offer?
Event Hair Styling, Makeup, Lash Extensions, Facials & Waxing
Do you offer trials and consultations?
Can you service a large group or bridal party?
Yes, up to about 18 services time allowing....roughly a half hour per service plus a half hour for set up/break down.
Do you charge for trials?
 I do a larger version of styling that takes twice as long as the actual wedding day. Yes, I charge $75 per service Makeup or Hair in my studio. During the Preview I will do Makeup with changes and up to 3 hair changes within a trial session. I ask you to bring a camera with you so you will have images of what we did during the time we were together. The photos will be used as my memory on your wedding day so I can duplicate the look.
Do you specialize in textured hair?
I specialize in event styling for all types of hair.
Do you provide any specialty services? 
I offer both Traditional & Airbrush Makeup application. I also offer Airbrushed full body or area Tanning. & Eyelash Extensions!
Do you travel to the client on the day of the event? If yes, is there a fee?
I offer my services in my studio or I will go to your location. This is a total of $350 for 2 services (1 Hair & 1 Make-up or 2 Make-up or 2 Hair) and travel to your location up to 40mins. from my Cary studio or the use of my studio for your party to get ready. Additional hair or make-up at the same location is $60 each after the first 2 services. Makeup service includes strip eyelashes application and touch up lip gloss for the bride.
How many customers can you serve at one time if the bride were to book her entire bridal party?
I can do as many as time will allow. It takes about 30mins for me to complete 1 service.
How far in advance should clients book your services?
I generally book about 3 - 6 months in advance. I occasionally have last minute availability.
What is your cancellation policy?
Deposit is not refundable. But if a wedding is postponed I will transfer the deposit to another date if available.
How Much should I spend for my beauty services on for my wedding?
Your personal beauty services should be about 10% of the cost of your photographers services

Note to Brides : Please don't have the idea that the way you look on your wedding day is one of the " little things " that can be put off until the last minute.
Because in actuality the way you look on your wedding day is the way you will  feel on your wedding day and the way you will look in your pictures of your special day for the rest of your family's history.
Tips and Advice
Wedding Beauty Tips:
Most brides concentrate on everything but themselves. Face it, when the wedding is over, the only thing you will have is your memories. They will be preserved mostly in photographs and video. Your smiling face will be seen in almost all of the pictures. The impact of your make-up and hair is going to be remembered far longer then what you served for dinner or what kind of flowers you used for your centerpieces. So with this in mind the best advice I can give you is... Seek out experenced professionals.

When and how to Select a headpiece:
You should have your gown and hair style selected before you purchase a headpiece. This will allow you to better select the right style headpiece to suit the hair design you've chosen. Bring a camera this will help you know if the hair and/or head piece is placed to your liking.

Tips on photographic make-up:
This is not the day for a dramatic change in your appearance. Stay with a look that is natural for you. Although make-up is different for photographs, don't over do it. A professional make-up artist would know the best ways to make you look "picture perfect" for your wedding day.

Don't over use concealer - Concealer should be applied in light layers with powder in between. Too much concealer can bring out under eye bags, and the wrong shade of concealer is worse than none at all. One shade lighter than your foundation should be used. If the under eye concealer is too light for your skin tone, the flash from the camera will reflect the light, making you look like you have a white mask around your eyes. (not a good look)

Use powder to eliminate shine - With flash photography you tend to be much more shiny. Powder from your hairline to your dress line. This will insure that your skin tone stays even.

Have your eyebrows shaped - They frame your eyes and add balance to your face.

Fill in your eyebrows- Eyebrows seem to get lost in pictures. Use a color similar to your natural color. This will also give them definition. I like to use colored powders because pencils can smear.

Eyes - Use neutral eye shadow color. White or bone under the brow works as a high lighter, and soft browns near the crease will add depth. If you want to use color, (blue, purple or green) use it sparingly . Please don't use the color that is the same as your eye color. Choose contrasting colors, they will make you own eye color stand out.

Eye liner - Use a dark brown or black. If you're using pencil, make sure to set it with a powder (same color) over top. Liquid liner is nice but can flake, and is some times shiny. I prefer to use gel liner.

Eyelashes - Use black water resistant mascara. Curling your lashes will make your eyes look bigger. I love to add false lashes.

Lipstick and lip liner - Set off your beautiful eyes with lips that don't fade away.  I like to use a color that is close to the lip stick, but well blended so there is no definite line. If you choose a matte lipstick the color will last longer. Glosses are great but they need to be reapplied.

Always have your wedding lipstick, liner, and pressed powder with you for your formal pictures. Most photographers won't tell you if you're shiny so put someone( who's not in the pictures) in charge of touch ups.

Having an outdoor summer wedding - Hiring a make-up artist who is experenced in airbush makeup is a must for beautiful natural looking sweat resistant make-up.

Salon Services vs. Your Location Services:

Salon Service:


* Less expensive ( sometimes )


* You must go to them ( the pressure is on you )
* You will be worked into their schedule
* Most are closed on Sundays
* Most likely weddings are not their specialty

**When going to a big salon/spa you are actually booking the business not the actual MUA or hairdresser you had your trial with.
Make sure you find out what happens if that person is not available ( quit, fired, moved out of state...) to do your wedding. 'cause the best surprise in this case is no surprise.

Your location service:


* No driving, they come to you
* You are the focus of attention, they have no outside distractions
* All your beauty services can be taken care of in the privacy of your on home or hotel suite


* You will be charged a travel fee for this service.

Hiring Beauty Professionals:
Price is always a consideration, but shouldn't be your first priority.

Having one beauty professional who can meet all your beauty needs on your wedding day is less stressful.

Someone who specializes in wedding make-up and hair will know the latest hair styles and how to make them work with your headpiece. They will also be able to give you the look you want and have it suitable for the camera

What to look for:

A good reputation. (Will they show-up & on time) Get recommendations from other wedding professionals, (photographers are a great source), or a recently married bride that had a good experience.

Look in your better wedding publications for advertisements. Someone that advertises takes their business seriously.

Professionals should have:

* A place of business
* Portfolio
* Resume
* A license in the state the are working in
* A professional demeanor (answers all your questions promptly and returns your email , voice mail or phone calls)

Making appointments:
Schedule a trial appointment well in advance (3-6 months) before your wedding date. Trials are usually an additional cost but your peace of mind is worth it.

Make sure you're comfortable with the professional(s) you choose, that they do the job well and to your liking. Make sure your personalities don't clash (they will be with you a long time on your wedding day).

Hiring your professionals:
You will be asked to sign a contract and leave a deposit. This is for your protection as well as theirs.

If there is no contract don't trust them to do your wedding


Artists are visual, having pictures of hair and makeup that you would like to wear on your day works the best.

If you "trust them " to know what you want because "their the professional" you will get " their" interpretation of natural and somewhat down with curls. This statement is said to me often and can be just about anything.

Knowing what you want and having examples of that will save you time.... and money.
I recommend a consultation (usually no cost) first to see their portfolio and to see if there personality is a good fit for you. Then book a trial, if you like all other things about them.

Make sure you have enough time for them to make changes...don't be afraid to say you want changed remember the professional wants this meeting to be successful too.

So please do your work before you go in and bring lots of pictures....communication is everything!