About Us

High pressure Mist Cooling is one of the most efficient methods available for cooling open outdoor areas. Misting systems have been used for cooling hotels and resorts, restaurants and bars, backyards and patios, as well as event cooling and sports sidelines. They are also used in a multitude of harsh industrial, construction, manufacturing and agricultural settings for climate control, humidification and dust suppression.

How it works: Mist Cooling works by forcing water through specially designed misting nozzles to create a fog of ultra fine water droplets. The tiny droplets or fog, quickly evaporate, cooling the surrounding air, no one gets wet. Properly designed, a mist cooling system will work with prevailing winds and air movement, and are often combined with misting fans to move mist or cooled air into the cooled zones.

How much it cools: Mist cooling can reduce the temperature up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in very dry climates. And, it can still perform quite effectively even in very humid climates, often reducing temperatures by as much as 8-10 degrees by employing mister fans to facilitate evaporation.

Rental Pricing & Terms Ice Mountain Mist specializes in event mist cooling with a system which offers unlimited possibilities for cooling your outdoor events. Our misting fans and stands are portable and adjustable. We provide the cool without anyone feeling wet.

No Water. No Power. No Problem! We can provide a remote system setup!

Rental Terms:

  • 50% deposit is required to reserve equipment for event date.
  • Balance of rental is due when set up is complete.
  • Refunds will be paid up to 3 days prior to event.
  • No refunds for rental within 3 days of event.
  • Additional fees maybe assessed for events outside the Denver metropolitan area.
  • * 2 tripod systems are recommended for cooling a typical 20' x 20' tent

If you are planning a multi-day event, or if you're a caterer, event planner, party planner or rental company, contact us today to find out about special offers.