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About Us

We provide an unobtrusive, documentary style. Our wedding videos convey your day as seen through the eyes of your guests. Imagewise productions offers you;

  • Over 15 years experience.
  • Professional results without the intrusion.
  • DVD wedding packages to fit most budgets.
  • Two camera operators ensuring full coverage.

Preserve An Heirloom
That Will Be Enjoyed For Generations

Our unobtrusive style lets us blend with your guests to record the important moments that should not be missed and find those that sometimes are. We gather greetings, messages and establishing shots of your chosen location. Then, in the studio, our creative team carefully edits and preserves the planned, and maybe not so planned, events of your day.

All of our weddings are recorded with professional digital cameras. Every frame of every wedding video is carefully shot and edited, capturing your day as it was seen through the eyes of your guests. Fully authored wedding DVD's with customized main menus and chapter points provide you with a more enjoyable viewing experience, eliminating the need to fast forward or rewind to your favorite scenes. Please feel free to contact us with further questions.