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About Us

Picture your day in style.
Let's talk about your wedding day. Go ahead now, say it loud and proud-it's a big deal! Getting married is a huge mile marker on your road of life, and it should be treated like the gem it is. But take it from people who know, the day is going to fly by… and that is precisely why photography is so important.

At Imaginative Studios we're delightfully easygoing people who, quite frankly, are fun! We'll make you laugh, we'll keep you on task, and when we need to, we'll stay out of the way. Oh, and did we mention we're also geniuses when it comes to photography?

Backdrops, posed table shots and other cheesy-staleness need not apply. No sir. We use a documentary approach to capture natural moments as they occur. Natural light, spontaneity and laughter are some of our favorite tools, and we're experts at seeing the beauty in every setting and making it work for you. Add to that a dash of high fashion, a pinch of fine art flare and some impeccable retouching skills and snap! Perfection.

Give us a call and we'll set up a meeting. We're so excited to help you tell one of the most romantic tales ever told: your love story.