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About Us

Life's about people…
Life's about sharing…
Life's about moments…

Share those moments with the people you love- stressing over details, that's our thing!

Imoni Events is one of Arizona's premier event planning agencies. From small intimate gatherings to grand lavish affairs, making your day the best day ever is our specialty. With unique design and creative approaches to all aspects of event planning, your event will not only blow you away, but will knock the socks off of your guest as well. You will be the talk of the town, the star in your very own dream. The best part is you get to enjoy it all!

But don't just take our word for it…

"Tom and I have agreed that we could not have run the wedding without you. There is so much to be coordinated for a wedding! You contacted every company involved; you organized my notes so that I had a list of all companies and phone numbers as well as a list of payments already made and balances due. You gave me advice on tipping and dispersed the checks to the various companies for me on the day of the wedding. You organized the rehearsal and came in the afternoon on the day of the wedding to help with the coordination of the set up. Everyone commented how well the wedding and reception were run--the time line was tight and you kept all the festivities right on time. I could see how busy you were throughout the reception. You are very efficient and professional as well as personable and easy to work with. We felt that you had our best interests at heart."
Judy | Mother of the Bride

"You were a perfect for my wedding! You knew exactly what I wanted because you took the time to identify what my dreams were. You made those dreams come true! Your character is extremely consistent and unchanging along with your extreme drive and ambition. It was that dedicated drive and ambition that helped to see through every aspect of my fairytale. You even personally applied my deodorant when I couldn't move in my dress! You care so much about the people you work with that you wind up with a wedding planner and a friend who you want! Thanks is not enough…"
Jennifer | Bride

"Thank you for everything! Your elegant style and artistic eye helped make my wedding more beautiful than I ever dreamed! Your last minute touches made my day spectacular. Without your help I don't know what I would have done. I loved having you a part of my wedding. You were the best ever!"
Jenna | Bride

"Thank for all you did the make my daughter's day so wonderful. You were able to do anything we needed, and so well. As a mother, it has always been my job to make things great for my kids. You were able to lift that stress off of me on her wedding day so that I too could enjoy in the special moment. What a gift! Thank you."
Claudia | Mother of the Bride

"I cannot thank you enough for helping me with the whole wedding process. I was completely stressed out until I spoke to you. You are so organized, knowledgeable, and professional. I can't tell you how many people have heard us just rave about you. Thanks for being my rock through the entire process. I got everything I wanted!"
Rachel | Bride

"Thank you so much for your services as the wedding coordinator for Angela and Josh. Your ability to take care of the small as well as the large details with great proficiency allowed Toni and I to enjoy the day without worry. Toni enjoyed watching you help the bride and bridesmaids with hair issues and keep them calm. We received so many compliments form the guests on how wonderful the wedding went and the professional job you did organizing both the wedding and reception."
David | Father of the Bride

"I can't begin to find the words to tell you how much you have meant to Chris and me. From our first meeting you were such a sounding board for all my thoughts and ideas and always had such wonderful ideas of your own. Just a phone call from you could always set me at ease. Of course after all my worrying, our day was "perfect" and you were indispensable. I knew there wasn't anything that could have come up that you couldn't handle beautifully. Knowing you were there for me gave me such a sense of peace. There is absolutely no way to put a dollar amount on your worth. You were truly a godsend and we want to give you or sincerest thanks!!"
Alison | Bride

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