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About Us

Impel Ink provides a modern, sophisticated way to display your special wedding photos and a unique alternative to the ordinary wedding party favor.

We transform people's digital images into elegant works of art by printing them directly onto luminous fine art metal, rather than traditional cloth canvas or photo paper.

Impel Ink's fine art metal comes in three luminous finishes: satin gold, satin silver or satin white. First, decide whether you want your photo reproduced with one of our unique digital effects or as a straight reproduction. Next, choose your metal finish. Every metal print is protected with UV-resistant spray followed by a glossy clear overlay.

Impel Ink's owner/designer, Ginger King, carries out every stage of your print's production process, from the creative to the shipping. Custom orders are always welcome. Visit our website at impelink.com and together, you and Impel Ink will create a beautiful, lasting metal print to showcase your favorite memories.