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About Us

The distinction of Inbal's talent lies in her ability to beautifully capture the energy of a moment such that the photograph both enables and compels you to relive the emotions that went by too fast to savor. In photography, Inbal has found a wonderful outlet for her abilities and discovered a great pleasure in applying her design talents towards presenting photographs in uniquely beautiful arrangements that make albums and brochures an experience in themselves.

Inbal is fully capable as a classically trained photographer thanks to her Fine Art Education from the University of Maryland, which also provided her hands-on experience with state of the art equipment and photo enhancing techniques. Her 2-year collaboration with award winning National Geographic photographer, Richard Nowitz, trained Inbal to adapt to an environment in order to quickly capture fleeting moments using photojournalism techniques. Additionally, her raw talent brings out a certain "cool edge" prevalent in her photography, which exhibits a fresh and unique style.

She always makes an effort to understand her subjects in order to better portray their character. Her Studies in psychology and exposure to different cultures, from her days growing up in Israel and her subsequent years in Washington DC, assist her in relating to the people she's photographing. However, Inbal's specialty is bringing out the details of whatever she positions in front of her lens. Her ongoing study in lighting and composition evolved into a keen ability to bring out all aspects of her subject.

Inbal's give-it-your-all attitude shines through in everything she does. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Maryland and her efficient performance photographing events is reminiscent of her days in the Israeli Army. That, coupled with her ability and artistic style, make her services worth considering for your next important day.