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About Us

Exactly, what is it, that separates me from other wedding officiants....?

The first word that comes to mind is PASSION. I am equally passionate about each and every wedding ceremony that I do.

* * * * * *

You will realize by the end of this briefing, what it means to me, to be a wedding officiant. It is not about an ego, and it does not place secondary in my priorities. It is foremost, the most important profession I could have ever chosen for myself.

With each engaged couple who find their way to me, my passion continually has new beginnings. As a couple, you have intrusted me to completely follow through with visual understanding, that without doubt, will create the exact wedding ceremony that comes from your own inner and unique vision.

* * * * * *

As your chosen wedding officiant, I feel privileged and honored that I will play a role in changing both sides of your family's history. Together, it means that we will be adding new branches to your family trees, and a new chapter will be written into both of your family's history volume. But within the history of your lifetime together, there will be many more chapters written, until those chapters over time, become a volume of their own.

My love for history, has always been completely centered around the romantic aspects of any historical event. I guarantee, that if you pick up any history book, from any origin, of any era, either of war, or peace, you will find that there was always romance between every chapter.

* * * * * *

I should mention, that I have a keen sense of humor, and have been known to be a lot of fun during our entire process. However, I am completely focused, while still maintaining a professional attitude. This is a serious event in your lives. As your officiant, the success of your wedding event, becomes equally as important to me. Nowhere is it written, that we can't have good fun, while leading up to the " I do's" !!


* * * * * *

When sharing your wedding ceremony desires with me, you will find that you are immediately at ease. I bring many years of professional backyard to the table, and have worked in every aspect of wedding planning. Although, somewhere in the middle, there came an inner desire that would redirect me towards becoming apart of the actual wedding ceremony itself. I realized that "I WANTED" to be "THE ONE" who joins "SOULMATES" together, forever more.

I honestly cannot think of any other profession, for me personally, that has been more gratifying.

* * * * * *

I am a Reverend of peace and love. However, I prefer to consider myself more along the title of a "Wedding Officiant". I do not judge those who do not follow my own personal faith, or beliefs. I also believe that LOVE does not judge those of race, color, creed, or handicap. That LOVE is the absolute of # 1, and it is LOVE that all mankind has in common.

* * * * * *

Alternative expressions, are completely within the ISC spectrum. ISC openly welcomes all of your questions, and any of your concerns for discussion.

ISC is fully responsible for composing and formatting your entire ceremony. We can make as many revisions as it takes for us to agree on the perfect visual and verbal format.

ISC is a registered and licensed business within the State of Washington.