87 rue Beaubourg
Paris, Île-de-France 75003
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About Us

INSIDR Paris rents smartphones with unlimited data, customised maps with 700+ addresses and a community of 70+ Parisians to answer your questions. We want to make you live the most authentic Paris experience to make your French elopment the most fantastic time of your life! 

  • Stay connected to your friends and family, share your trip, use the wifi hotspot to give some data to your guests if you have a wedding in Paris. This way, you will be able to simply enjoy the moment, and share your memories with everyone.
  • Feel free to wander in Paris thanks to our hand-picked addresses we recommend you. You will be able to explore the city as you want, knowing that you can always have direct contact with us and that we are here to give you the best addresses near you. 
  • Discover the real Paris with our self-guided walks. Just take your phone and follow the directions to discover unique places that only the locals know about.

As we know, that your French elopment is one of the best time of your life, we don't want you to have to thinkg about your budget. INSIDR phone is only at €6 per day! Visit our website to start creating your memories.