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About Us

Love is a golden web
Across all time
She weaves a thread
Upon the Earth
To be complete
She calls the paths
Of true lovers to meet.
~Lori Richards

Custom Written Wedding
and Committment Ceremonies

You can have the essence of your love and the presence of spirit as you experience it expressed in a custom designed wedding ceremony by officiant Lori Richards.

Lori's specialty is listening to you and understanding you. She uses her exceptional talent as a writer and ceremonial facilitator to create a wedding ceremony that reflects the unique elements of your marriage bond.

You may wish to draw from a variety of traditional and non-traditional sources. You may desire a smooth blending of interfaith traditions. You may with to take an active role in creating your ceremony or trust Lori to create the perfect ceremony with your minimum involvement. You may dream of writing original vows that capture the truth in your hearts.

Maybe you don't know what you want, except to have your ceremony be the most magical event of your life. Your process with Lori begins with insightful discussion to explore the resonance of your relationship and your vision of marriage.

There are endless possibilities for you. Lori is a master of identifying and expressing the inner nature of your love.

Ceremonial Elements

Writing Original Vows ~ Lori guides you through an intimacy-enhancing process for non-writers and writers alike. She works with your writing to craft your voices into the perfect vow format.

Creating Community ~ Lori designs personalized and clever ways to actively include your guests, inspiring an atmosphere of warm connection.

Friends & Poetry ~ Lori works with your participants to make meaningful text choices and smooth transitions which enhance the flow of your ceremony.

Other Special Requests ~ Pets? Your niece plays the tuba? Costumes? No problem.

Remembering Those Who Have Passed On ~ If you desire, joyfully include the memory of your loved ones.

Your Parents, Your Children ~ Your ceremony will be sensitive to the nuances of your family dynamics.

New Words For Classic Ideas ~ The Ring exchange and the Pronouncement are perfect places to customize language to represent the spirit of your bond.

Blending Faiths ~ Lori skillfully blends elements from diverse traditions in a context that honors the integrity of each Faith.

Your Love Song ~ The story of your meeting, your dreams for the future, your identity as a couple-all are themes that may be the seed for your Love Song. Original lyrics and melody are written for you and crafted into the ceremony as an integral element.

You may also engage these services individually:

  • Guidance through the Vow Writing process
  • Custom enactments for your ceremony created or officiated by
    another clergy person
  • Your Love Song
  • Consultation to unify your own ceremonial elements

Lori's background is a dynamic mix of music, theater arts, spiritual study, counseling, and writing.

Lori has 10 years of study and experience as a ceremonial event and ritual facilitator and spiritual counselor. Her sacred songs and ritual texts are included in ceremonies across the country.

Lori is sought out as a consultant in educational, performing arts, and spiritual domains for her insight, ability to listen, and creative vision. She is legally credentialed to officiate wedding ceremonies in all 50 states. She has been happily married since 1982.


"Lori created for us a magically spiritual ceremony- much more creative and original than we could ever have imagined." Annika and Samuel

"We both felt open and comfortable with Lori from the very beginning. She asked highly intuitive questions and really took us to a deeper place in sharing about our love for one another." Gail and Alex

"She lovingly helped us with our vows and composed two original songs for us. One of them was sung by the 8 year old daughter of one of my bridesmaids! Lori provided rehearsal tapes and even gave her vocal coaching over the phone!" Stephanie and Matthew

"Everyone whom Lori came in contact with felt honored to be included and blessed by Lori’s insights." Lisa and Deana

"Lori made our wedding dream come true. Our ceremony was intimate and special because it reflected what it is that makes us so in love and why we want to spend the rest of our lives together." Gina and Todd

"Because of Lori’s amazing and unique connection with people, and the way she emulates her spirituality, she was able to uncover and understand the essence of our relationship. She brought out the love we treasure in our souls." Allison and Matt

"The entire process of working with Lori is a special opportunity not only to create your perfect wedding ceremony, but because Lori is someone that you feel blessed to have be a part of your life." Lilia and Brent

"Lori wrote a breathtaking song that so perfectly expressed our feelings toward each other. It’s beautiful words and melody are still with us today. Her voice not only sang to us and invoked spirit's presence, but also confidently guided us so that the world disappeared beyond our eyes." Molly and Hugo