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I am happy and honored to assist you with your special day!  I have assisted many couples celebrate their joining together with just the right words, just the right ceremony, just the right fun and happiness...

I perform wedding services that are traditional, I perform wedding services that are NON-traditional,I perform handfastings, ribbon ceremonies, sand ceremonies, and other fun wedding rituals! I perform services that are interspiritual and interfaith,services that are Celtic, services that are contemporary, and/or services that are entirely new and customized to honor the lives and love of the couple, regardless of tradition or spiritual practice.

My hope and intention is to meet you where you are in your life’s journey and support you with clergy services that are sensitive and reflect God’s love of you and those who are important to you.  I have experience working with people of many different faith backgrounds and levels of religious or spiritual involvement.  I recognize that your wedding day can be a source of stress as well as a wonderful celebration; my experience and gifts in pastoral care and ministry help keep things calm, relaxed, joyful and fun!              

Interfaith Weddings & Rites offers you non-judgmental support and pastoral services in planning and celebrating your wedding. I believe in celebrating and supporting the unique individual that each person was created to be.  Whether your wedding will be indoors or outside, traditional or contemporary, I will work with you to design your special day to be every bit as wonderful and unique as the love that you share.  

I will gladly work with everyone involved in your celebration to make sure everything fits together into a cohesive, seamless ceremony. I am happy to design a ceremony in inclusive or traditional language.              

As your life together continues, Interfaith Weddings & Rites is also available for other spiritual celebrations such as renewal of vows ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, baptisms, funerals and memorial services.  Other services that I am honored to provide include pastoral care, hospital visitations, and spiritual direction.  All of my services are non-judgmental and sensitive to your background and life situation.              

Interfaith Weddings & Rites only requests donations for wedding, baptisms, and other related ceremonies and services.  Unlike traditional parish ministries, which are supported by the contributions of members, and unlike wedding officiants who may operate their wedding service as a "business", Interfaith Weddings & Rites is an outreach ministry of my clerical and monastic vocation, and I receive no contributions other than the donations you offer.               

If I may be of service to you in any way, please contact me.  I look forward to working with you! 

Yours in Service,

rev Scott Elliot, M.Div., lc, nsp

Interfaith Weddings & Rites

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