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About Us

We provide music for wedding preludes, ceremonies and receptions (cocktail hour and dinner). Our repertoire includes classical, old jazz standards, Broadway tunes, popular songs, tangos, rags, waltzes and ethnic music. We can write arrangements of your favorite song to fit the chosen instruments.

The following items are included in our fee.

1)       1) Help with the music selection for your processionals, music during the ceremony and the recessional.

2)   )  2) Willingness to locate and learn your favorite song.

3)      3) Free music arrangement of your special request.

4)      4) Unlimited phone and email consultations. Personal meeting can be arranged.

5)      5) Music for your cocktail hour, if needed.

6)      6) Large selection of music to choose from including classical, old jazz standards, popular, Broadway, etc.

7)      7) Full library of music for church services and Catholic masses.

8)      8) Coordinate with event planner, if any and  officiant at least one week before the wedding to work out seating, cues, and other ceremony details.

9)      9) Fee is for 2 hours of playing time (covers the prelude, ceremony and cocktail hour in the same location). You’ll need to add additional time if cocktail hour is in another location.