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About Us

The critical element in creating great wedding photos is the photographer's "eye" - that innate sense of what makes a timeless, beautiful and intriguing photograph.

Without an eye for form, light and meaning, wedding photos will be boring and cliche. Other times are essential, too - like technical ability, years of experience and a well-equipped studio with an excellent staff - but the most elusive qualities to find in a wedding photographer is soul, taste and a great eye.

The greatest wedding photography will capture the true substance of your wedding and will do it with style and a sense for timeless beauty. It will capture what you actually felt and experienced on your wedding day in images that don't look like everyone else's.

My approach is to blend in to what's naturally happening and let you be yourselves, then I document what I see with an eye for meaning and beauty. I use photojournalism as a starting point but my coverage is more than just recording what happens - it's documentation with a healthy infusion of fashion and fine art. I call this approach "Fine Art Documentary" photography.

I rely on my instincts to be at the right place at the right time, my eye to see the composition, my soul to envision the meaning and possibility, my mind to read the light and my experience to do it well every time. These are the intangibles of good photography - instinct, an eye, soul, a technical mind, and years of experience. These are not things that can be itemized in a photography package - but they are the most important elements of wedding photography that will stand the test of time.