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About Us

Love found. Love nourished. Love honored.

Your wedding day celebrates the joy you've found in each other.

Thus, this day should be the perfect reflection of who you each are, who you are as a couple, and the dreams you've chosen to pursue by each other's side. At Jwrobel, we are always honored to be included in this momentous occasion, and we thoroughly enjoy working together with you to translate your vision into reality.

Every celebration, no matter how large or small, is very important to somebody - may it be the guest of honor, or the host, or both.

Therefore, every event is important to us.

We will work hand in hand with you to make sure everything is perfect, whether that means researching your grandmother's favorite childhood flower or talking to the caterer to make sure that the centerpiece containers coordinate with the linens.

Everything is taken into account. Everything is important.

That special someone in your life and each cherished milestone are as extraordinary as they are unique. Your floral selections should reflect these qualities. The mood and style will be set with color and texture, integrating an assortment of the finest fresh flowers, botanicals, fruits, ribbons, and potteries, in combination to best achieve your vision.