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About Us

Jamie Jansen Photography is a full service wedding photographer in Cleveland, Ohio.  Wedding Photography is an important aspect of your big day.  I know how important it is to capture images you will keep for a lifetime. 

I offer the highest quality products that you can get anywhere.  I've based everything I do on the very best photographer's in the industry.  Essentially, I treat every wedding like the photographer's in Hollywood do.  Just like the Reese Witherspoon, or Prince William and Kate Middleton or any other celebrity wedding, I treat yours just the same.  You're the star of the day.  I also ensure that your photos are to that level of quality.  These are not simple snaps with a consumer camera.  I use top of the line equipment to give you the absolute best possible.  These are magazine quality, ultra high resolution images.  

Just so you know, there have been some big and exciting changes going on here over the last few weeks and months.  We've been growing by leaps and bounds and I'm excited for you to be a part of it.  Basically now, it's no longer just Jamie Jansen, but Jamie Jansen Photography Inc. so to speak.  I have already spent years developing a unique style unseen in North East Ohio.  It's a specific mix of true New York Fashion Photography infused with the photo-journalistic spirit.  I like to think of it as Guerrilla fashion photography.  To continue to offer the best product out there at the highest quality and to deliver the product as expediently as possible, I've hired some of the most creative and talented artists to join me on the team.  Now, every wedding includes myself, a second, equally skilled photographer and an assistant to cover all your needs on the day of your wedding.  There's also, two skilled production artists to help handle the 60 plus hours of post production required to bring every wedding from the event to it's beautiful completion.  

So, it's not just me, now it's a team of trained professionals, all looking out for just YOU.  Take a look at everything and see what you think.  

Destination Wedding Services available as well.  We've worked in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Jamaica.  I look forward to adding your location to the list.

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