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About Us

Hey there, I'm Jason!

Hopefully through reading this, you'll get to know me a little better.

I'm a Tampa, FL based photographer specializing in weddings, kids, senior pictures and life's defining moments. I've always had a love for art growing up, either drawing when I was young, to computer arts when i got older.

I love my job! I get to meet new people and go to new places all the time. It's a lot of fun. My photographic style in unique in itself. If I had to describe it in a couple of words, I say it's fresh, clean, fun and a little edgy. I'm not really a sit and pose portrait taker. If that's what your looking for, I'm probably not the photographer for you. But if your looking for a life-like, real, as if you were there photos, that's me!

I think that photography is the best way to capture our lives in a way beening art and memories together. Photography is a what I'm most passionate about, and it's a way to use my imagination to capture life's moments as they happen. I would be honored to photograph your special times in your life.

A little bit of me Unplugged:
not only am I a photographer, I.........

  • a husband to a phenomenal wife...
  • with that, i'm a hopeless romantic...
  • i love fashion and clothing (probably more than my wife)...
  • i have an awesome dog name "Hula"
  • i'm a huge Buccaneers and Tampa Bay Rays fan
  • i love Dr. Pepper and Vitamin Water with some Tijuana Flats or buffalo wings!
  • last but most important, I'm a Christian. I'm dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ and giving him all the glory! †

hope this helped a little!