About Us

I often struggle when I'm asked to describe my style of photography. Classic portraiture seems so stuffy and photojournalism feels unplanned. The fact is, I am far from stuffy, yet I demand the excellent quality associated with classic portraiture. Also, I photograph with a purpose but I'm always ready to capture the moment like a photojournalist. To sum it up, I would say this: I offer an artistic perspective that captures natural expressions and true personalities. My style combines the patience and quality of classic portraiture with the spontaneity and emotion of photojournalism. As your photographer, I think it is very important you and I can connect on a personal level. I feel very strongly about this. When you are relaxed and comfortable with me and in front of my camera it will show in your pictures. I've been told that my easygoing and friendly personality makes this possible. I like to spend time getting to know each other before the first picture is ever taken so! y the time the camera comes out we are like old friends so that by the time the camera comes out we are like old friends!

So take a look at my website to see some of my work. Then pick up the phone and call me, I want to hear about your wedding.