About Us

Built on love, with love, for love...

Jeraly was created to help the survival of a long distance relationship, back in 2006. It started out as a small venture, creating and selling charm bracelets to raise money and has gradually evolved into our little business :)Aly is the owner and designer for Jeraly and decided to try her hand at jewelry making when she bought a handmade charm bracelet off of eBay. Deciding she could make bracelets as well, she started to teach herself how to create jewelry. Over several years she has grown and developed her style to offer unique and entirely customized and unique stamped jewelry to her customers.Founded in Bristol, England before relocating to Palm Springs, California, Jeraly has blossomed into a thriving small business. With the help of her loyal customers, Aly has been able to work from home and move to Salem, Oregon where she continues to work on her business. Jeraly: built on love, with love for love...


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