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Joe Buissink's unique style has its roots in fine art and landscape photography. He currently makes his career in wedding photography while his work continues to garner international awards and media attention. His distinctive perspective was recently featured in the "Brides" exhibit in the G. Ray Hawkins Japan Tour and Santa Monica Gallery. Many of Buissink's images have been published in Colin Cowie's Weddings, For the Bride, For the Groom, and G. Ray Hawkins' Wedding Days, Images of Matrimony. In October of 2000, Rizzoli published a book of Joe's wedding images titles The Wedding Box.

Buissink's singular approach to shooting weddings has won his wide acclaim. Numerous publications have printed articles in praise of his style. The Wall Street Journal observed, "In Los Angeles, photographer Joe Buissink, who photographed the weddings of celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz's sister and cousin, works entirely with 35mm cameras producing images that defy tradition." Asian Art News noted that, "One of the emerging stars in photography is LA artist Joe Buissink, whose contemporary works are imbued with a lyrical and romantic nostalgia."